Rev Moon: Most Successful Religious Leader

Founded the only religion to spread to all the countries of the world in the lifetime of its founder. Established about nine world records, discover how this king of peace who helped ended communism did it.

Rev Mooon's Role In Ending Communism

Reverend Moon predicted the downfall of communism, publically saying that it could not prosper beyond its 70th year. And indeed, by its 70th year in 1987, it was it was fast disintegrating, although few in the West were aware of that.

Judgement Day: May 21, 2011 or December 21, 2012 or January 13, 2013

Harold Camping of Family Radio believed May 21, 2011 will the be the Judgement Day. The Mayan Calendar predicted that the world will end on December 21, 2012. However, Reverend Sun Myung Moon of Korea says in 2013, a new era of peace will shine.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who is Reverend Moon?

Who is Reverend Moon?
Nearly everyone has read or heard something about the founder of the Unification Church , Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Some media reports have portrayed Reverend Moon as a businessman or politician. Others have recognized him to be an extraordinarily dedicated religious leader. Who is Reverend Moon? Our answer begins with an account of his upbringing, and an encounter he had with Jesus on a Korean mountainside.

Sun Myung Moon was born on January 6, 1920, into a family of farmers that had tilled the land for centuries. As a boy he studied at a Confucian school and was a keen observer of the ntural world.
Around 1930, his parents became fervent Christians - Presbyterians, and the young Sun Myung Moon became a Sunday school teacher.

At that time, Japan ruled Korea and only permitted practice of the Shinto religion. The religious intolerance of the militant Japanese was only a small part of the contempt they held for the Koreans, a race they believed to be inferior. The Korean people were subjected to forty years of humiliation and cruelty as part of Japan 's Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. As a member of an oppressed race, Sun Myung Moon learned to hate injustice, whether among his own people or at the hands of the Japanese rulers.

Korea is a land of fervent Christian faith. Today it is well known that Korea is home to the largest Protestant churches in the world. When Reverend Billy Graham visited Korea , he was so impressed by the spiritual vitality of her churches that he predicted one day Korea would send missionaries to revive the West. Before World War II, the center of Christian activity was Pyongyang , which was called the " Jerusalem of the East." Among the spirit-filled churches were many with strong messianic expectations. These churches had received revelations that the Messiah would be born in Korea , and they were directed in various ways to prepare to receive him.

Encounter with Jesus
At Easter time in 1935, Jesus appeared to the young Sun Myung Moon as he was praying in the Korean mountains. In that vision, Jesus asked him to continue the work which he had begun on earth nearly 2,000 years before. Jesus asked him to complete the task of establishing God's kingdom on earth and bringing His peace to humankind.

The young Korean was stunned by this encounter, and especially by the request that had been made of him, and at first he refused. However, after deep reflection, meditation and prayer, he pledged his life to that overwhelming mission.

After personally accepting Jesus' call, the young man set out to discover its very meaning. If Jesus called him to complete his mission, it meant that Jesus' mission was incomplete. Was not salvation through the cross all that man needs? What was it that Jesus had left undone on earth? If sin is not completely solved, then what is the actual root of sin?

Man of God
Sun Myung Moon studied the Bible and many other religious teachings in order to unravel these mysteries of life and human history. During this time, he went into ever deeper communion with God and entered the vast battlefield of the spirit and flesh. Through denying his personal desires he overcame temptations of knowledge, wealth and physical pleasure. He came to understand God's own suffering and His longing to be reunited with His children. He learned the difficult steps that humankind would have to take in order to return to God and establish true peace on earth.

By 1945, he had organized the teachings which came to be known as the Divine Principle, and he began his public ministry. The Divine Principle, the fundamental teaching of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church . 

Reverend Moon, now 88 years old, has been falsely imprisoned 6 times throughout his lifetime. During these times he always prayed for those who persecuted him and asked that they be forgiven.  He also prayed to comfort the heart of God. Even during these times he directed his followers to reach out to others with truth and love. In spite of suffering, misunderstanding and hardship, he never ceased to hold fast the vision of the ideal world that God has longed for since the beginning of time.  Even now he works tirelessly traveling all over the world to inspire others from vastly different backgrounds and cultures to dedicate their lives to build the Kingdom of God on Earth.  The desire of all people throughout the world.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reverend Sun Myung Moon Speaks in Nigeria at Historical Peace Conference

Dr. Sun Myung Moon, revered as a peacemaker by millions worldwide, will be the keynote speaker at a meeting of African diplomats and political, religious and civil society leaders across the Continent at a conference sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) on July 17, 2011 in Abuja, the Nigerian Capital.

The program in Abuja, the eleventh city of Dr. and Mrs. Moon's 2011 World Tour, begins July 15th with an International Leadership Conference, which will consider some of the major challenges and opportunities facing Nigeria and all of Africa in the decade to come, including health, food and agriculture, good governance and the need for interreligious cooperation and unity among Africa’s many different faiths and traditions.

Organizers tell that 3,000 people from throughout Africa are expected to attend Father Moon’s speech at the Abuja Conference Center, as well as large delegations from Europe, Korea, Japan, and the United States.

Dr. Hyung Jin Moon, the UPF International Chairman, will be the keynote speaker at the conference’s opening plenary session on July 16th, and Rev. In Jin Moon, President and CEO of HSA-UWC in the United States, is also expected to provide welcoming remarks.

In a separate program, the Lovin’ Life Ministries Sunday service will be held for the first time in Nigeria on the morning of July 17, 2011. More than 500 members from around the continent of Africa are eagerly looking forward to attending the service, which will feature Rev. In Jin Moon’s first sermon in Africa, and performances by the Lovin’ Life band, Sonic Cult.

Unification Church members throughout Africa are very excited about the arrival of Father and Mother Moon, whom they considered the True Parents of mankind. “Our African church members have been longing to welcome True Parents and their family to their home continent,” said George Ogurie, the national pastor of Nigeria. Members are also excited to experience Lovin’ Life Ministries live. “As Rev. In Jin Moon visits nations worldwide, she brings True Parents’ love. This is a ministry that is becoming world level and really bringing people closer to God through the extraordinary medium of music,” Rev. Joshua Cotter, Executive Vice President of HSA-UWC, tells

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dr. Sun Myung Moon to host conference in Africa invited by Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan

Africa Today
The president of Better Future Foundation (BFF), Rev. Augustine Arkoi, leaves the country today for Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria, to participate in an international leadership conference.

Organized by Universal Peace Federation (UPF), the conference would be attended by an array of international peace ambassadors from Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas.
The conference which would be addressed by UPF Founder, Dr. Sun Myung Moon, a global campaigner for World Peace and Unity would be held in the Nigerian political capital from July 15-18, 2011. Dr. Sun Myung Moon is invited by Nigeria current acting president, Goodluck Jonathan as a state guest.

Dr. Moon’s address would be delivered on July 17, 2011. The visit of the global peace campaigner to Nigeria to address the ILC is part of his tour of many nations in 2011, spreading massages of peace and understanding. At least three thousand delegates from around the world including high level representatives from each of Africa’s 53 states including Liberia have been invited to the conference in Abuja. Delegates are also expected to come from the African diasporas and World War II nations respectively.

Recently a delegation, led by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Mrs. Kathy Rigney, and Dr. Hee Sun Ji attended and delivered special greetings from Dr. Moon to the inauguration of President Goodluck Jonathan, who was just re-elected for a second term as president of Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation. The delegation was very well received, a release issued in Monrovia yesterday by Rev. Arkoi who is also former secretary general and International Representative of UPF-Liberia said.

“Father Moon has a deep desire to see a golden age begin for Nigeria, Africa, and the world,” according to Chief Segun Olusola, Chairman of UPF-Nigeria. “We need all hands on deck for like-minded leaders of society to commit to transform his words of inspiration into inspired and responsible actions.”

“Dr. Moon is calling all Nigerians to rededicate ourselves to our nation’s founding principles and spiritual heritage,” says UPF-Nigeria Secretary General Mr. Olaleye Alao. “He is calling for a change of heart and mind that will win back the trust and confidence of the world community and lead naturally to the universal ideal of one world family under God.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dr. Kook Jin Moon and Dr. In Jin Moon Speak to Malaysian Parliamentarians

Dr. Kook Jin Moon and Dr. In Jin Moon Speak to Malaysian Parliamentarians
Dr. Kook Jin Moon, Chairman of Tongil Foundation, gave a peace address to 70 Malaysian congressmen on the evening of June 19, in Kuala Lumpur. His speech was titled “Business Engine for Global Peace.”

There were about 130 participants, including Ronald Kianbee, Vice Speaker of the House. A welcoming greeting was given by Chua Soon Bui, Malaysian congressman, and a Keynote address by Seri Panglima Pandikar Amin Haji Mulia (read by Ronald Kianbee), Speaker of the House.

After an introduction by Thomas Walsh, Dr. Kook Jin Moon spoke. “My father, Dr. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, is the conduit for all people to inherit the True Love that is God’s divine essence,” he said. “Also as Savior and Messiah, he is making effort to make a peace world. With my Father’s teaching, the Unification Church World Headquarters Church in central Seoul has a special room to honor the prophet Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha and Confucius, whom we refer to as the Four Great Saints. Religions have power that can lead humankind to the direction of goodness. Let’s make a peaceful world through unity of religions.” Dr. Moon received a big applause from the Malaysian congressmen.

Dr. In Jin Moon, President and CEO of HSA-UWC USA, next gave a greeting address to the attendees. Her speech was followed by a Peace Toast by Ooi Chuan Aun, Malaysian congressman, and a Peace Declaration by all the participants.

Even though Islam is the state religion in Malaysia, religious freedom is guaranteed under the constitution. Also, 60 percent of Malaysians are Muslim, yet the Malaysian congressmen are very interested in the unity of religions and inter-religious activities by the Unification Church.

Last year, 40 Malaysian congressmen attended the 90th birthday of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

The next day, June 20, 2011, Dr. Kook Jin Moon met with Seri Panglima Pandikar Amin Bin Haji Mulia, Speaker of the House and gave a special address at the Regional Peace Conference organized by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF).

Peace Address by Dr. Kook Jin Moon

Peace Banquet to Members of the Malaysian Parliament
The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia June 19, 2011

Deputy Speaker YB Datuk Ronald Kiandee, representing the Speaker of the House, members of the Parliament of Malaysia, Ambassadors for Peace, Ladies and Gentlemen:

On behalf of my parents, Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, as well as my sister, Rev. In Jin Moon and myself, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your invitation to visit your wonderful country and speak here today.

I have long admired Malaysia as a moderate Muslim country where Islam exists in harmony with other religions. I believe that the invitations extended to my parents, who are religious leaders known throughout the world for their emphasis on harmony among religions, give clear evidence to this admirable aspect of Malaysian society.

Prime Minister Najib Razak in his address to the United Nations last autumn called for a “Global Movement of the Moderates” of all religions to combat religious extremism. The Prime Minister’s effort, which he repeated at the University of Oxford just last month, is very much in keeping with the teachings of my father and deserves the support of religious persons everywhere.

My father was born in 1920 in what is now North Korea. He was raised in a Christian home and met Jesus in a vision when he was 15 years old. In the public ministry that he began in 1945 and continues to this day at age 91, my father teaches that all religions have the mission to liberate humankind from the spiritual ignorance that results from our separation from God. He teaches that religions should work in harmony with each other to accomplish this task.

In Christian terms, we refer to my father as “Messiah,” “Savior” and the “returning Christ.” But he does not come for the sake of Christians alone. Nor does he consider it his mission to propagate the Christian faith to the exclusion of other religions.

Instead, my father is the conduit for all people to inherit the True Love that is God’s divine essence. This is how we become the true sons and daughters of God. My father teaches that God’s true love can and should be inherited by people in all religious traditions, and that all religions can achieve their ideals of unity and peace by deepening their understanding of God.

I would like to read a passage from my father’s autobiography to give you a better idea of his approach to religious harmony and peace.This autobiography was originally published in Korea in 2009 and has sold well over a million copies. The Japanese translation has also sold more than a million copies.

Today, I will read from the English translation, titled, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. The section I will read is on pages 234 to 244 and is titled, “The Power of Religion to Turn People to Goodness.” The passage has been edited slightly in the interest of time. Please refer to the book for the complete text.

The Peace King 
“On August 2, 1990, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein staged an armed invasion of Kuwait, igniting the possibility of war in the Persian Gulf. This area has long been a tinderbox, and I could see that the world was about to be swept up in the vortex of war. I concluded that Christian and Muslim leaders must meet to stop the conflict. I acted immediately to do everything I could to stop a war in which innocent people were sure to die.

“On October 2nd of the same year, I convened on short notice an emergency conference of the Council for the World’s Religions in Cairo, Egypt, to deliver my urgent message of peace to the highest spiritual authorities of the Middle East and the Muslim world. Many wondered why I, a person with no apparent ties to the Middle East, would convene such a meeting, but to me it is simple. I believe every religion should contribute to world peace. A conflict between Christianity and Islam would be far worse than the conflict between democracy and communism. There is nothing more fearful than religious war.

“I sent a message imploring President George H.W. Bush, who already was trying to limit the conflict, to avoid war in the Arab world, and instead work to bring about Saddam Hussein’s retreat through diplomatic means.
“Our emergency conference in Cairo involved top Muslim leaders and grand muftis from nine countries, including representatives of the grand muftis of Syria and Yemen. At the core of the meeting was my desperate appeal to the Arab and Muslim world not to support Saddam Hussein’s claim that this was a holy war. Whether the United States won or Iraq won, what good would it do? What value would it have if it meant that bombs rained down, destroying houses, fields, hills, and precious innocent lives?

“The Cairo conference was just one of our many peace activities. On September 11, 2001, we all felt utter horror when the World Trade Center twin towers in New York City were destroyed by terrorists. Some people said this was the inevitable clash of civilizations between Islam and Christianity. But my view is different. In their purest form, Islam and Christianity are not religions of conflict and confrontation. They both place importance on peace. In my view, it is bigoted to brand all Islam as radical, just as it is bigoted to say that Islam and Christianity are fundamentally different. The essence of all religions is the same.

“Immediately following the collapse of the towers, I organized religious leaders from New York and around the country to pray and minister to the victims and first responders at Ground Zero. Then, in October, I convened a major interfaith conference for peace in New York City. Ours was the first international gathering in New York after the tragedy.

“These dramatic contributions to peace in times of war did not spring up from nothing. For decades prior, I had invested in promoting interreligious harmony.

“In 1984, I brought together forty religious scholars, instructing them to compare the teachings that appear in the sacred texts of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other major world religions. The book that resulted from their efforts was World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts, published in 1991. What they found was that the sacred texts of religions convey the same or similar teachings more than seventy percent of the time. The remaining thirty percent are teachings that represent unique points of each religion. This means that most of the teachings of the major world religions are the same at their core. The same is true of religious practice. On the surface, some believers wear turbans, some wear prayer beads around their necks, others wear a cross, but they all seek the fundamental truths of the universe and try to understand the will of the Divine One.

“People often become friends even if all they have in common is the same particular hobby. When two strangers meet and discover they have the same hometown, they can immediately communicate as if they had known each other for decades. So, it is truly tragic that religions, which share the same teachings more than seventy percent of the time, still struggle to understand each other and communicate happily. They could talk about the things they have in common and take each other by the hand. Instead, they emphasize their differences and criticize one another.

“Our experience when compiling World Scripture leads us to believe that it is not the religions of the world that are in error but the ways the faiths are taught. Bad teaching of faith brings prejudice, and prejudice leads to conflict. Muslims were branded terrorists after the 9/11 attack. But the vast majority of simple, believing families are peace-loving people.

“Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are sharply divided against each other in today’s world, but they share a common root. One of the main issues that keep them divided is their understanding of Jesus. To address this problem, on May 19, 2003, I asked that Christians de-emphasize the cross in relations among the Abrahamic faiths. Thus, we enacted a ceremony of taking down the cross. We brought a cross from America, a predominantly Christian culture, and buried it in the Field of Blood in Israel. This is the field that was bought with the thirty pieces of silver that Judas Iscariot received for the betrayal of Jesus.

“Later that year, on December 23, some three thousand Ambassadors for Peace from all religions, and from around the world, joined with seventeen thousand Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem’s Independence Park to symbolically remove the crown of thorns from the head of Jesus and replace it with a crown of peace.

“They then marched for peace through Jerusalem. Local authorities granted permissions and protected our efforts, and Palestinian and Israeli families supported our march for peace by placing a light in front of their homes. Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest mosque in Islam after those in Mecca and Medina, is located in Jerusalem. It is the spot from which the Prophet Mohammad is said to have ascended to heaven.

“Ours was the only mixed religious group welcomed to all parts of this house of worship. The mosque leaders guided the Christian and Jewish leaders who had participated in the peace march to the sacred spaces of the mosque. We were able to open a door that had been closed tightly, and prepared the way for many Muslim leaders to communicate at a new level with their Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters.

“Human beings like peace, but they also enjoy conflict. Human beings will take the most gentle of animals and make them fight. They will have roosters fight and peck each other with their sharp beaks until pieces of soft flesh begin to fall away. Then, people will turn around and tell their children, ‘Don’t fight with your friends. Play nice.’ The fundamental reason that wars occur is not religion or race. It is connected to what lies deep inside human beings.

“People like to attribute the causes of armed conflicts to such things as science or the economy, but the actual fundamental problem lies within human beings ourselves. Religion’s role is to turn human beings toward goodness and eliminate their evil nature that finds enjoyment in fighting.

“Examine the major religions of the world. They all hold a peaceful world as their ideal. They all want to see a kingdom of heaven, utopia, or paradise. Religions have different names for this ideal, but they all seek such a world. There are numerous religions in the world, and virtually every one is divided into countless factions and denominations. But the essential hope for all is the same: They want the Kingdom of Heaven and a world of peace. The human heart has been torn to shreds by the violence and enmity at our core.

“The kingdom of love will heal it. The greatest obstacle to the world of peace is avarice in peoples’ hearts. It starts in individuals and expands to the nation, and thearts stained with avarice cause division and conflict at every level. Countless people throughout history have shed their blood and died in conflicts caused by avarice.

“To eliminate such conflicts, we need a great revolution to change the erroneous values and thinking that are widespread in the world today. The complex problems our societies face today can be resolved quickly if there is a revolution in peoples’ thinking. If each individual and nation begins to look out for the other first -- working together with the other, the problems of modern society will be resolved.

“Throughout my life, I dedicated myself to efforts for peace. Whenever peace is discussed, I become emotional. Tears begin to well up in my eyes, my voice chokes, and I can hardly swallow. It moves me deeply just to imagine the day when the world becomes one and begins to enjoy peace. That is the nature of peace. It links people who think differently, are of different races, and speak different languages. Our hearts yearn for this world and harbor a hope that it will be realized. However, peace comes through concrete action, and not just having a vague dream. But building a movement for peace has not always been easy. There have been many difficulties, and it has required large sums of money. I have not done this for my own honor, or to make money.

“All I did was invest my full effort, so that we can have a world where a strong and true peace takes root. For as long as I have been doing this work, I have never been lonely. This is because, ultimately, peace is the desire of every person in the world. It is strange, though. Everyone wants peace, but still it has not come. Each religion today thinks of itself as the highest, rejecting and looking down on other religions. It is not right to build fences against other religions and denominations.

“A religion is like a wide river flowing toward an ideal, peaceful world. The river flows for long distances before it comes to the wide expanse of peace. On its way, many streams flow into it. The streams cease to be streams from the point they meet the river. From that point, they, too, become part of the river. In this way, they become one. The river does not reject any of the streams that flow into it. It accepts them all. It embraces all the streams and forms a single flow as it continues toward the ocean. People in the world today do not understand this simple truth. The streams that seek out the river and flow into it are the numerous religions and denominations of today.

“Each stream traces its origin to a different spring, but they are all going to the same destination. They are seeking the ideal world overflowing with peace. Peace will never come to this earth unless we first tear down the walls between religions. For thousands of years, religions have grown in alliance with particular ethnic groups, so they are surrounded by high cultural walls. Tearing these down is an extremely difficult task. For thousands of years, each religion has surrounded itself with such high walls, insisting that it is the only correct religion. In some cases, religions have expanded their influence and entered into conflicts and fights with other religions, using God’s name in places that had nothing to do with His will. The will of God lies in peace.

“A world fragmented by differences in nationality, race, and religion, where people attack and fight one another and shed one another’s blood, is not what God wants. When we shed blood and fight each other in His name, we only causeHim pain. A world torn to shreds has been created out of the desires of people to promote their own wealth and glory. It does not represent the will of God. God clearly told me so. I am only His errand boy, receiving His words and carrying them out on Earth.

“There are close to two hundred countries in the world. For all these countries to enjoy peace, the power of religion is absolutely necessary. The power of religion is in the love that overflows from it. I am a religious person whose role is to convey love, so it is natural that I would work for world peace. There is no difference between Islam and Christianity in their commitment to bring about a world of peace.

“In America, I lead a movement for peace, bringing together thousands of clergy who transcend denomination. Through this movement, we discuss ways that people of all faiths – Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc. – can come together. We devote our full efforts to change the hardened hearts of people. My purpose is the same today as it was yesterday. It is to create one world with God at the center, a world brought together like a single nation without boundaries. All humanity will be citizens of this world, sharing a culture of love. In such a world, there will be no possibility for division and conflict. This will mark the beginning of a truly peaceful world.”

Those are the words of my father. My father has put tremendous energy and resources into bringing harmony among the world’s religions. He was worked tirelessly to inspire all religious people to deepen their understanding of God’s divine essence. He believes that the walls that separate the major religious traditions today will crumble when the people in these traditions inherit the true love of God. When that happens, religious people can unite in harmony and lead the way toward a world of peace.

Many people are surprised on visiting the Unification Church World Headquarters Church in central Seoul to find that we have a special room to honor the prophet Mohammad, Jesus, Buddha and Confucius, whom we refer to as the Four Great Saints. The Unification Church maintains friendly relations with the major orders of Korean Buddhism. The leaders of both faiths regularly attend each other’s religious events.

There are conflicts in every country. The fundamental causes of these conflicts lie in the hearts of the people. It is the responsibility of religions to remove that cause, but religions cannot do that unless they inherit God’s true love and relate to each other in harmony. Malaysia is showing the world a model for religious harmony, and I look forward to seeing your continued development in this area.

May the abundant blessings of God be on Malaysia and your families.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Quotes on True Love

Wisdom of True Love 
Excerpts from the speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The invisible love is the greatest among all kinds of love. It would be no fun at all if love were visible. Since love is invisible, it can be the highest, widest, and deepest. Some say love is like the Rocky Mountains or like the Niagara Falls. Those are correct similes. The invisible God is precious because invisible love is precious. It is true that we have to enter the state of the complete absence of ego in order to find God. God lives deeply and quietly in the invisible world rather than in the visible world where we live.

I became aware of what true love and happiness are through nature. It was from the natural world that I could learn the most basic things, more than from education in school. When the seasons changed and I saw a beautiful bird flying, I followed the bird and watched to see how it built its nest and lived. There were times when I walked around for more than ten days to see a bird lay eggs and hatch them. I became deeply convinced of God's mystery and love by looking at the cute and beautiful birds... Birds are made to be hatched through the warmth of their parent's body and their parental love. I once picked up a baby bird and decided to raise it sincerely. Although I took the baby bird secretly, the mother bird cried whenever she saw me. I understood that it was crying, pleading to have her baby back. Mother's love in the bird's world is also very strong. When someone comes and tries to take away the baby bird, the parents try to protect it, even risking their own lives.

When we reach adolescence, our mind and body start searching for love. We walk around without even listening to the words of our parents. The eyes of the mind and the eyes of the body unite into one and move around. If we have a nose of love, we may come to like the smell which we usually dislike. We want to listen to love stories all night long. Once you touch your object of love, you don't want to stop. Therefore, if you are invaded by the feeling of love during your adolescence, your eyes turn strange and everything seems wonderful to you. When your mind and body unite and you fire a love gun, the bullet would be shot right into your partner's heart. Those of you who wish to have this kind of man's love or woman's love, please raise your hand. There is nothing love cannot digest. Love can eat and digest everything. If you have true love, no matter how ugly a man is, he will look handsome to you. Love is incredible. Therefore, whether good or bad, men and women can never forget the first love they experienced during their adolescence.
The perfection of man and woman's love is the perfection of the universe. When this love is broken, the order of the universe and the vertical world are destroyed.
Intense first love, done in a rightful and honorable way, comes together and creates a beautiful and powerful spark. The love of God will spark with that love and it becomes the best, most extraordinary spark in Heaven. The impact of that spark is so strong that it flattens you to the ground. Yet still you feel joyful, even knocked to the ground, because of the impact of love.

The first spark of true love is so important and it should not be misused. Once that intense first spark of true love is misused, it is very difficult to completely unwind that mistake. Each person has the duty to preserve his pure first love until the time when it can spark for the sake of the universe and for God. Therefore, you should not behave in a casual way toward your love. True love is noble and sacred; it is not vulgar or dirty, although the sacredness of love can be defiled if it is misused.

When is a person in full bloom? It is during young adulthood. This age is the seven-year period from the age of eighteen to twenty-five. This period of seven years is the time when the flower of love blossoms the most. How precious is this once-in-a-lifetime period when one is fully blooming! You all know the peony (magnolia), don't you? The bud of this flower has a different-colored yellow flower inside. How many layers of petals does it have? The petals are all tightly wound together on the flower. Can you push them open? They are tightly coiled so that it cannot be easily opened up. Men and women are similar to this. When is your bud of love going to blossom? That time is when beauty is manifested to the greatest degree.

You should not ruin your purity during your adolescence, which is the precious time when you cleanse and indemnify the purity lost by Adam and Eve during their youth. You should preserve your purity, precious and clean, and you should have the mind and the determination that "even if I have to live a thousand or ten thousand years alone, my love will absolutely never be misused."
Even to the most beautiful girl, adolescence only comes once. During that time, she is the most beautiful flower of all, and it is the most precious time for her in her entire lifetime. So would a girl think, "I want to live alone"? Such a person is not a woman. Does such an animal exist? Also, among men who look very good at the age around sixteen, would any of them say he wants to live alone? At this time they all start to look for a reciprocal partner. Whom do they resemble that makes them this way? They are this way because they resemble God. If God is not like this, how can His children be like this? It is because God is like that. During adolescence, which is the most precious time in one's life, the desire to seek a partner is the same in man and woman. Is it so, or not? If you think it's not, go ahead and age and die alone. Try saying to a beautiful woman, "Beautiful women are said to be unfortunate. A beautiful person like you should age and die alone." Even a quiet beautiful woman would really get mad. Nothing worse can be said to a person. This beautiful woman will have value only when there is a man who appreciates her completely and connects her to heavenly love.
In giving of the love of God to other people, you are sharing your love with them. Then your love, rather than being diminished, will be multiplied. You will be proud of what you have given. Only by giving can we receive. So we want to give of our whole being. We want to give of our family, our clan, our nation, and our whole world to God. In return He will fill our hearts with such love that we can embrace the whole world and the whole cosmos.
Respect all things as holy things. Respect all men as holy men. Respect yourself as a holy person. Respect your mind as holy. Respect your body as holy. Pay deep respect to all people, no matter what kind of person they may be.
When we think that the people who have divorced or are willing to divorce are all people who once were in a love relationship of life and death, we must say that something has gone wrong. There may be many reasons to get divorced, but in general it means that something changed, that something became different between the two. This is because they could not keep and grow their love. Love itself does not change; it is the person's mind that changes.
We first get married thinking that the man is handsome. But one week later, if an accident happens and the husband's body is paralyzed, it is not true love to call for a divorce. That is false love.
True love is absolute, unchanging, and eternal.
You will be in trouble if you try to rush the experience of love. The feeling of being intoxicated by love and becoming happy is like a preview of what is to come when the time is right for the gate of love to open... The gate should proudly open when you have become the master of love.
Achieving the highest ideal of human love is possible only when one takes responsibility for love. We can think of this responsibility in three ways. The first responsibility is for one to become the master of true love, truly free and thanking God for the freedom of love and knowing how to cultivate and control oneself. This responsibility for a love relationship should not be taken merely because of law or social convention. Instead, a person should establish responsibility through his own self-control within the life-committing vertical relationship with God.

Second is one's responsibility toward the object of love. By nature, people do not want their spouse's love to be shared with others. Horizontal conjugal love, which differs from the vertical love between parents and children, loses its potential for perfection the moment it is divided. This is because the principle of creation requires husband and wife to become one in absolute love. Each spouse has the responsibility given by love to live absolutely for the sake of the other.

The third responsibility of love is toward children. The love of parents is the basis for children's pride and happiness. They would wish to be born through the total and harmonious unity of their parents in true love, and they would wish to be raised in that kind of love. The most precious responsibility of parents is not only to rear their children externally, but also to offer them life elements of true love that can perfect their spirituality. That is why the family is so valuable.
Recently, we see people here and there making love as if they were making instant food. This is a problem. This is like trying to deepen love by taking a perfume bath. I would say that love is deepened, purified, and lasts longer when a couple living in the countryside take a cold bath and sleep together.

When we look at recent generations, we can say that calculating, artificial and deceitful love is so widespread that it confuses our concept of what human happiness is. We can say that this kind of love is the main criminal leading this world to destruction.
Marriage can be said to be a ceremony which allows you to open the door of a palace of happiness and enter into it. Therefore, marriage is the biggest event for humankind. Love transcends time and space and it is the greatest thing for humankind. Marriage is a ceremony that reveals and confirms this greatest love.
Achieving the highest ideal of human love is possible.
If there were no marriage, then what is called love would not have started in the human world. Who is the master of that love? We must know that the master is not man or woman, but God. When God's love is manifested in us, it becomes God's joy and pride, and we are able to feel this as God's love. Love cannot be realized alone; it is only realized through a reciprocal relationship. Therefore, when man tries to realize love, he cannot do it by himself alone. The same can be said about woman. When Adam and Eve unite through love, they are able to receive God's love for the first time. From this viewpoint, we can understand that we human beings are born from God.

What is Unificationism?

Unificationism is a contemporary movement with a special philosophy, theology and sociology which is spreading quite rapidly throughout the world. The movement has for its purpose the unity of all theists in order to form a more consolidated front against secular humanism in a time of rapidly disappearing religious ideals. In addition, the Unification Movement teaches a doctrine which is so all-inclusive that it cannot be classified simply as a theological system or sociological school. We have to call it simply a new worldview.
Prof. Sebastian A. Matczak. 
Professor at St. John's University, NY 

The vision of Unificationism is to inherit true love of God.
God created us human beings as his children. His desire was that we would grow up with the beauty of nature, find True Love, make families, have children and build a world of peace. However, God’s dream was not completed because man fell away from God. God’s dream was that his true children share beautiful True Love, and create families full of smiles and happiness. His dream was a society of harmony and cooperation.

God’s dream is that we, his children live in happiness and peace. As God’s children, we must inherit the True Love of God. Unificationism will inherit God’s true love, and will be fulfilling his ideal of creation.

The Unification mark, the symbol of the Unification Church, is shaped like the steering wheel of a ship, indicating that we must steer heaven and earth. The gold symbolizes our hope to create an eternal Ideal World of Peace with each one of us at its center.

The circle in the center represents God and his True Love, True Life and True Lineage. The twelve lines radiating from the center represent the twelve months of the year and twelve types of human personalities. The four thicker rays represent four directions, North, South East & West, and the four position foundation centered on God. The split circle around the outside represents give and receive action that is constantly taking place within and between the visible and invisible substantial worlds.

Unificationism teaches belief in God, belief in Jesus as the messiah, and belief in the Bible as a holy scripture. However, because a world fulfilling God's ideal of creation has not yet been realized, Unificationists believe that Rev. Moon has been chosen to continue the mission of Jesus, which was left unfinished as the result of his untimely death.

For this reason, Rev. Moon is considered the Messiah, he and his wife are referred to as True Parents, and the Divine Principle, expressing the truths he encountered in his spiritual search, as well as the extensive material contained in his speeches are studied as scripture in the Unification Church .

The Founders: 
Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon

Rev. Sun Myung Moon was earnestly asked by Jesus who appeared on Easter day when he was just about to turn 16, to fulfill Jesus’ missions in his place. Since then, Rev. Sun Myeong Moon has been put through 7 chagrined sufferings of death, and even his soul being violated by Satan at the deep bottom of hell, instead he has been comforting God and has gained victory, eventually resurrecting and walking the path of completion of 8 stages.

The mission of the Messiah can not be fulfilled without a bride who can become the true mother of mankind, walking the path of death together with him and completely becoming one with his mission. That position is a position of completed Eve, and she is the one who conducts the public work of the holy spirit, blessing us warmly like the mother’s bosom.

That very person is Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, who has walked the path of seven deaths and resurrections, the completions of 8 stages with true father, and has won victory with love, persevering persecution and difficulty, and has become the true mother of mankind.

True Parents who are the savior and messiah, is still even now spending each day from dawn to dusk with devotion and love to let us inherit God’s true love. 

The New Truth
For people who consider the Bible itself to be incontrovertible it can be very difficult to accept the legitimacy of any new truth that arises. But any scripture should be considered not as the truth itself, but as a textbook that teaches the truth, and which needs to be reinterpreted with each passing age in order to shed clearer understanding of the age and the people living in that age. The Divine Principle contains a new truth, discovered by Sun Myung Moon through prayer and revelation, which reinterprets the lessons contained in the Bible to match the spiritual and intellectual level of the people of this current age. 

The important elements in the Divine Principle include why God created man and the world (Principle of Creation), Why Adam and Eve fell, and how it affected mankind (Fall of Man), What is necessary in order for the world to return to its originally intended ideal state and how to understand the course of human history (Principle of Restoration), What is the mission of the Messiah (Second Coming) and other unanswered questions of the Bible.


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